I grew up in a small town called Burdwan in India. My interest in science came from my father, a post-graduate in physics himself, who used to teach me the workings of the world through stories. While growing up I learned by observing and building things from scratch, a habit that I still proudly carry with me. I liked books, especially science fiction and detective stories. Science after all is solving the mysteries of nature by experimenting and making observations. I became interested in plants at an early age when I found a sapling emerging from a seed of mango I ate a few days ago in my house backyard, where I used to play. Seeing that tree grow slowly over a period of weeks was exciting. Young leaves, changing color from deep purple to green as they grow was a show in itself. The opportunity of choosing a career in plant science came when I went to do my undergraduate in Agriculture at Viswa Bharati University, an institute par excellence, in my home state of Bengal. It's been an invigorating adventure in science ever since.




2016 - 2019

Hokkaido University, Japan

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Agro-ecosystem Science


Thesis Title: “Chilling tolerance and biomass production of Saccharum × Miscanthus intergeneric hybrids (miscanes) in cool climatic conditions of northern Japan”

2013 - 2015

ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), India

Master of Science (M.S.) in Agronomy Specialized in Forage Production


Thesis Title: “Comparative performance of sugargraze (Sorghum bicolor L. × Sweet sorghum × Sorghum sudanense L.), fodder maize (Zea mays L.) and Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) under organic and inorganic fertilization”

2009 - 2013

Viswa Bharati University, India

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Agriculture Majoring in Agronomy and Minoring in Soil Science.

Awards, Scholarships and Grants

  • Grant as Co-PI: Development of a novel method to assist grape growers reduce off-target auxin herbicide drift related injury | Specialty Crop Block Grant Program | USDA & Texas Department of Agriculture | 2021-2023 | $118,933 | Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, Lubbock, Texas, USA

  • Grant as Co-PI: Improving High Plains Vineyard Irrigation Scheduling for Enhanced Water Use Efficiency: Two Year Expansion | Ogallala Aquifer Program Preplan (2021 – 2022) | $42,000 | Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, Lubbock, Texas, USA

  • Awarded the Japanese Government Scholarship- Monbukagakusho (MEXT) for Doctoral Studies in Japan from April 2016 to September 2019 | Monthly stipend $1,200 | Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

  • Awarded University Fellowship for Masters from 2013 to 2015 | Monthly stipend $100 | ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, India